here is a list of domain names to ip address


only available if you set your computer or bind server to have in its dns list.


If you want me to add your node or any other dns you want to an ip send me an email in this format: (main ip) (other ip address if you have more than 1 network card this will be used for reverse lookups)

to: ivile(at) or ivile01(at)


Start of Authority (SOA)      [30],, hostmaster.

Name Server (NS)


Usage ie:,, davies.exempnet, fut.exemplar-ivile



aaf               Host (A)

bfi               Host (A)

fkr               Host (A)

fob               Host (A)

fut               Host (A)

fuu               Host (A)

gur               Host (A)

gws               Host (A)

hnb               Host (A)

hne               Host (A)

hkf               Host (A)

darren.hkr        Host (A)

hkr-ap.hkr        Host (A)

kate.hkr          Host (A)

linksys.hkr       Host (A)

linktofkr.hkr     Host (A)

unknown.hkr       Host (A)

ivile       Alias (CNAME)

brenton           Host (A)

chain             Host (A)

james             Host (A)

linksys           Host (A)

routerd           Host (A)




davies            Host (A)

exempnet          Host (A)

manson            Host (A)

nelson            Host (A)




fut               Host (A)

fuu               Host (A)

"ping to test dns"